What Takes Place At The Initial Meeting?

At the Initial Meeting we will:

  1. Sign the retention agreement if it has not already been signed;
  2. Go over the details of your cause;
  3. Explain the litigation process and the road that your cause will follow including alternative dispute resolution;
  4. Explain the law that will apply to your case;
  5. Identify the evidence including the names of witnesses that will best support your case and when necessary agree upon an immediate plan to best preserve that evidence;
  6. Finalize the details of your evidence gathering and your litigation hold protocol;
  7. Identify the key players who will assist in the prosecution of your cause;
  8. Go over the anticipated time line applicable to your cause;
  9. Answer all your questions;
  10. And discuss your options.

We will also give you a straight bottom line answers to questions relating to your chances of success, anticipated case costs, the likelihood of an early settlement and the various burdens that will be placed upon you and when they will be placed upon you.

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