About Bonsignore Trial Lawyers TM

We are highly successful and experienced trial lawyers who limit their practice to complex litigation, class actions, and cases involving significant economic loss or public policy. The firm concentrates in the practice areas of antitrust, business-to-business wrongs, consumer protection, employment, catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death and Mass Tort litigation.

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers have represented businesses, government, consumers, and unions in federal and state courts across the United States. The firm and its principal have been appointed to serve in leadership roles in many complex and multi-district actions. In addition, the firm’s briefing team has written precedent setting and other exemplary legal briefs.

Over the years, Bonsignore Trial Lawyers have successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients. In actions where Bonsignore, has served as Lead Trial Counsel, the firm has been involved in jury verdicts that exceeded $500 million. Robert Bonsignore has successfully argued before both Federal courts of appeal and state based Supreme Courts.

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers represent clients on a national and international level. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers is capable of litigating any case in any jurisdiction. We have provided legal advise to individual consumers, sole proprietors, partnerships, unions and multi-national corporations. Representative clients include national and international manufacturers, sales, service or repair specialists, health care providers financial institutions, and government.

Who is Robert Bonsignore?

Mr. Bonsignore began his career in the Office of the District Attorney for Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Since 1990 when he began his own law firm specializing in complex litigation and trial work, he has been lead trial counsel in cases with jury verdicts totaling in excess of $350 million dollars.

About Bonsignore

We only agree to represent clients for whom we can make a difference and with whom we share a common commitment to a common cause.

When we agree to become your attorneys we usually work on a contingency fee basis. We do not expect to be paid unless we are successful. Under a written agreement we promise to bear the costs of preparing a case for trial. As long as our clients follow our advice, if there is no recovery, there are no charges, no fees and no costs. If we are successful in a class action or UDAP case, we must petition the court to order the wrongdoer to pay the fees and costs we advanced.

We view our relationship as a special responsibility and a partnership with our clients. As in any partnership, we ask our clients work closely with us to assure shared and informed decision-making.

Our Approach

We have learned through experience that the best way to achieve a favorable settlement is to prepare each case to win at trial. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers has earned a national and international reputation for its professional integrity, competence and an aggressive approach to case prosecution. We acknowledge that the number one complaint that clients have about lawyers is their failure to return phone calls or respond promptly. We provide the cell and home phone numbers of the lawyer assigned to your case and encourage you to call us 24/7 if you have a question. We lie awake so our clients can sleep.

Our Values

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers was founded on the premise that each client’s case and story is unique and that every client deserves personal attention. The FIRM has assembled a team of lawyers and professionals who share the goal of providing victims and their families with quality, individualized representation.

Our Vision

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers is guided by the belief that the civil justice system, though not perfect, provides compensation and accountability for those who have been devastated or needlessly harmed by the wrongful acts of others. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers has grown to be one of the Nation’s most prestigious and recognized plaintiffs’ FIRMS, with a practice that spans the globe. The attorneys at Bonsignore Trial Lawyers consistently achieve multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for their clients and have created meaningful change.


Bonsignore Trial Lawyers strives to give our clients a 110% effort. Giving a client a 110% effort means not skimping on evidentiary resources. We walk the walk, not just talk the talk. For example, we advanced over two (2) million dollars in a single case to insure our clients eventually received just compensation they were awarded. In antitrust cases, we routinely hire multiple preeminent experts. In a product liability action, we purchased the machine in issue. In an auto case we rented helicopters, trucks and vehicles prior to filming evidence admitted at trial. In a case involving the facial disfigurement of a child, we retained the services of multiple experts to prepare an age progression sequence. We lie awake at night so our clients can sleep.
Whether it’s the complex economic analysis of an global market, a computer simulation, or the purchase of a machine we always do what it takes and are prepared to throw the full weight of audio, visual and sensory elements into our proof. Sophisticated technology is an essential tool in our practice.
Doing these kinds of things takes money – quite often, lots of it. We bear all costs in preparing a case. It’s another investment we take very seriously. When faced with serious damages and institutions looking to protect their financial interests, our clients regard this financial capacity quite literally as the opened door to justice.


We are a boutique law FIRM. Because we limit our practice, we are able to focus our resources and skills to act quickly, forcefully and effectively. When a client is accepted, momentum is immediate. Years of representing clients with challenging cases has taught us the value of keeping cases moving. We know and understand that our opponents are afraid of the courtroom, where the public will learn the truth, so we push to bring our client’s cases to trial, while striving to create imaginative solutions that are in our client’s interest. Nothing brings about a defendant’s willingness to act reasonably more quickly than knowing we will bring them before 12 jurors ready to hear all the evidence we have mustered as a standard part of our business.


We believe the difference between getting an expedient settlement and a just award often comes down to an attorney’s innate determination, spirit and commitment. Settling too low can stem from lack of preparation or a lack of will. Getting justice demands both solid case preparation and the will to insist on a fair result. Many claim that they can deliver. We prefer facts.
We have a strong record of success confronting wrongdoers who have taken from our clients their property, stolen business opportunities or have injured their financial well-being. Those who take efforts to avoid responsibility for the damage they have caused are who we target and take out. We meet them in the courtroom and we fight with facts before juries of citizens that we trust to follow the law and to separate fact from fiction


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