What Can I Do To Help After The Initial Meeting With A Lawyer?

The research phase is crucial and can take some time as we carefully analyze all of the relevant facts of your case. From the information gathered, we begin to understand who was at fault and, therefore, who or what entities will be named as defendants in your suit and held accountable to you.

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers always review what the next steps are and what to expect going forward. Most times we will follow up with a letter or email. We encourage our clients to contact us 24/7 whenever a question arises or we can be of assistance.

After the initial meeting Bonsignore will hit the ground running. Depending on the nature of your cause and the amount of progress made at the Initial Meeting, we may take the load entirely off you. We understand this it is our job to achieve the best result possible and that you are not in the business of prosecuting causes. We will work to gather and preserve evidence, organize what needs to be organized, open up all necessary lines of communication, and continue to refine your case. As required by the specific unique circumstances of your case we will investigate, hire experts and do all things necessary to achieve the fastest resolution.

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