Filing A Civil Action

The filing of a civil complaint marks the start of the formal litigation process. Although the level of detail requires depends on the unique claims advanced, every complaint identifies the parties, the facts supporting the claim and the relief requested. After the complaint is filed in court, it is the obligation of the Plaintiff to serve a copy of it on each defendant. The defendant then has between 30 and 45 days to answer each allegation set forth in the complaint. Alternatively, the Defendant may request the Court to dismiss the complaint as a matter of law.

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers’ attorneys will send you draft copies of the civil action before it is filed. We will discuss your case and decide upon the best legal tactics to employ, such as the best venue or court in which to file your case and which parties should be named as defendants. After the strategy is decided, the law suit or civil complaint is drafted by your attorney naming the parties who are at fault and a trial by jury is demanded. The complaint is carefully reviewed and then filed in the appropriate court of law. Where a law suit is filed, whether a law suit is filed in federal or state court and where, is dictated both by law and understanding on our part about what venue would be the most advantageous forum for your case.

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