DRAM Price Fixing

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An investigation has revealed that a group of the largest electronics manufacturers that produce dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) may have agreed to collectively raise the price of memory used in mobile phones and computers from 2016-2017, illegally inflating the price paid by consumers. This collusion, if proven, would violate federal antitrust laws, and attorneys believe those who purchased an affected phone or computer deserve repayment.


DRAM is widely used in digital electronics, specifically in modern computers and graphics cards.

The investigation involves Micron, Samsung and Hynix, and points to a scheme between the manufacturers. According to attorneys, the DRAM manufacturers agreed to limit the supply of DRAM, a critical component of phones and computers – therefore driving up prices for this widely used memory. If true, this resulted in an illegal price-fixing scheme that led to consumers overpaying for electronics.

DRAM saw a 47 percent jump in price-per-bit in 2017, the largest jump in 30 years.


The lawsuit seeks reimbursement for the fraudulent price increases pushed onto consumers. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers believes that those who unknowingly paid high prices for their computers and mobile devices deserve compensation for the greed and wrongdoing of these major electronics corporations.


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