Bonsignore Trial Lawyers Accepting Rejected Mesh Injury Cases

The Bonsignore Trial Lawyers accept mesh cases rejected by other law firms, including complaints brought against Atrium Medical Corporation.

Defectively designed mesh products – used for hernia repair, urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse – have been linked to horrific complications, generating thousands of product liability complaints filed in state and federal courts. Considering that transvaginal mesh and hernia mesh have been subject to nominal regulatory scrutiny regarding long-term safety, it comes as no surprise that such products are the topic of mass tort litigation. Some surgical mesh devices are made of polypropylene, a plastic-based material that can erode, contract, migrate, harden and cut through surrounding tissues, leading to chronic infections and debilitating injury.

Atrium Medical Corporation is just one of dozens of manufacturers facing lawsuits over its surgical mesh products. Plaintiffs contend that Atrium intentionally provided insufficient and misleading information about its hernia mesh products in order to boost sales. Plaintiffs claim the devices are “defective and unreasonably dangerous,” and were sold without adequate warnings. Numerous mesh injury cases have already gone to trial, while other claims have been passed on by attorneys.

Over the years, Bonsignore Trial Lawyers has grown from a boutique practice into one of the nation’s most respected plaintiff law firms, recovering multi-million verdicts on behalf of clients. Our highly credentialed trial attorneys concentrate on multifaceted mass tort and personal injury litigation and are renowned for their dedication, professionalism and results-oriented strategies that always put the client first. Patients who have suffered physical, emotional and economic injuries from hernia and surgical mesh products are encouraged to reach out for a free and confidential consultation.

Atrium mesh injury lawsuits

According to an adverse event report submitted to the FDA, Atrium’s Prolite mesh, used for hernia repair, caused the patient to suffer severe nerve damage, genital numbness, loss of bladder and urethral sensation and permanent sexual impairment. The Prolite device is just one of several surgical mesh products regularly used for soft tissue and hernia repair.

Atrium’s portfolio of biomedical products include the C­QUR line of mesh devices – indicated for hernia repair, surgical wounds, chest wall reconstruction, and other procedures requiring tissue reinforcement. Several complaints regarding the Atrium C­QUR Mesh reveal the pain, suffering and traumatic outcomes shared by patients implanted with the devices.

Similar to vaginal mesh complications cited by thousands of women and the FDA, hernia mesh repair carries its own risks of major infections, disabling pain, corrective surgeries and extensive hospitalization.

“Pathology of the excised mesh showed ulceration, granulation tissue, and intense acute and chronic inflammation,” states a recent complaint involving Atrium C­QUR Mesh. Other patients have experienced excruciating abdominal and groin pain, erythema, cellulitis of the wound, seroma and peritoneal abscesses requiring hospitalization, and emergency mesh excision. With complications this severe, patients are often forced to undergo multiple follow-up surgeries and take several rounds of antibiotics and steroids. Many of these patients now live a life filled with anxiety, pain, anger and desperation as they struggle to find justice.

Medical device manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are safe and effective for their intended purpose and fully inform consumers about known risks and side effects. When this duty is breached, they may face liability for economic and non-economic losses, including pain and suffering, medical bills, emotional distress, loss of consortium and other damages.

Accepting hernia & vaginal mesh claims

Individuals who have been injured by Atrium mesh products implanted in South Carolina, North Carolina and Ohio hospitals, as well as other healthcare facilities, have a right to competent legal representation. The Bonsignore Trial Lawyers leverage the resources, skill and legal savvy to take on claims that other lawyers reject. Take action today! Contact our offices 24/7 to schedule a complimentary review with one of our attorneys. Dial 1-888-461-8710 or complete the online contact form.

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