Should I Hire A Tv Lawyer?

NO! Most reputable lawyers DON’T advertise on TV whether it’s during Jerry Springer or not! Don’t assume that the fact that a TV ad is running means that the lawyers behind it are qualified. Some lawyers focus on practicing law, others on running TV ads. Before contacting a lawyer advertising on TV, find out who is running the ad. Always review that lawyer’s background. Learn about a lawyer’s experience and qualifications. When you talk to the lawyer ask them when it was that they tried their last case to a jury. Focus on what you need to know, including references, recent cases they personally handled, and whether or not they have tried similar cases. Also exactly which lawyer will be assigned your case and how long have they worked at the firm. Also ask if they will refer you to a different lawyer if you go to court.

If a lawyer or someone acting on their behalf contacts you and asks you to hire them it is commonly against the Legal Rules of Professional Conduct. When a lawyer will break those rules to get your business, he is probably not the kind of lawyer you want representing you.

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