Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Lawyer

When will I speak with an actual lawyer? (If you don’t initially meet with a lawyer)

If you’re struggling just to meet or speak with a lawyer, it’s a clear warning sign that you won’t be getting the appropriate amount of attention your case deserves. At Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, you’ll always speak with the lawyer handling your case.

What types of personal injury experience do you have? 

Confirm their personal injury experience is the best fit for your needs. Also confirm other experience that me help your case. For example, a medical background could help the attorney better understand your injuries.

Can you handle cases with very severe (catastrophic) injuries?

These are much more complex, take longer to set up, and require exceptional attention to detail. Sometimes it even makes sense to finish medical treatment first in order to make sure that the final settlement is much more than the original offer.

What other staff members will be working on my case? 

It’s better to have a highly trained team, in addition to your attorney, working on your case. You want someone to answer your questions when your attorney is in court or not available.

How often do your cases go to trial? 

Most cases settle and never make it to trial. You want an attorney who can settle your case when it’s best for you, but also one who is not afraid to fight for your rights in court.

Will your firm handle my case if it has to go to court?

Many lawyers don’t take their own cases to court, and will pass your case to another firm. At Bonsignore Trial Lawyers, we have our own in-house litigation department.

What is your fee? 

You should not have to pay any money until the attorney collects on your behalf. But what percentage of that will the attorney keep? If the fees are 33% of the settlement or higher, you are paying too much!

When I call with a question, how long will it take for you to return my call? 

When you have a question, it’s important to get it answered. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers will return emergency calls immediately, and other calls within 24 hours.

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