Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Dismisses Objection to Wal-Mart Employees Wage and Hour Settlement

LAS VEGASAug. 10 /PRNewswire/ — “Over three million Wal-Mart hourly employees who worked in 30 states have received good news,” states Lead Counsel Robert J Bonsignore of Bonsignore and Brewer. The Lead Counsel in the consolidated action referred to as “MDL 1735” went on to explain that, “The appeal of the Final Approval of an $85 million settlement has been dismissed and absent further appeals employees can expect to be paid before the end of the year.”  Employees are projected to receive between $25.00 and $300.00, depending on their length of service and number of incidents claimed. Depending on the number of claims made the amount of the payment may vary and could go up to $1,000.

“The summary affirmation of the approval cuts about two years off the appeal process and was based on the hard work of the legal team Lead Counsel Robert Bonsignore assembled and directed,” said R. Deryl Edwards, class counsel for several states including Arkansas.  “The summary affirmation of the settlement recognizes the real value of the settlement and the fact that it was reached only after years of hard fought litigation during which Plaintiffs counsels not only worked tirelessly without pay but advanced millions of dollars without any certainty of being paid,” Attorney Bonsignore said. Bonsignore went on to add that, “The Ninth Circuit Appeals Court’s ruling puts an end to an attempt by 4 of 3.4 million employees, who are represented by lawyers who make a living objecting to class action settlements to block the rest of the class from receiving benefit of the settlement,” Attorney Robert Bonsignore went on to say. It is important to add that Wal-Mart stood by their employees.

The settlement class is the largest wage and hour case in United States history. Robert Bonsignore, the employees’ national Lead Counsel said during oral argument, “Today is a good day for all concerned. The focus however is singular this case is all about the employees. In addition to the economic value, a real ongoing value is afforded the employees through the injunctive relief component of the settlement.” In addition to making $85 Million dollars available, Wal-Mart also agreed to injunctive relief designed to institutionalize measures that eliminate, minimize and/or red flag for corrective action occurrences that were the subject of the employee’s action.

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SOURCE Bonsignore and Brewer


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