In re: Wal-Mart Wage and Hour Practices Litigation (M.D.L. 1735) (USDC District of Nevada and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals)

This successfully and finally resolved multi – district class action is the largest certified class in a wage and hour case in United States history. The filing, coordination and prosecution of coordinated proceedings in 39 states were found to have been the brainchild of Robert Bonsignore. Bonsignore first successfully, argued that the litigation should be granted MDL status and coordinated for all pre-trial proceedings. Mr. Bonsignore was then appointed by the court to serve as national Co-Lead Counsel in this Multi District Litigation and fully litigated the action. This action focused on allegations that Wal-Mart systematically failed to pay its hourly employees for all time worked, including supplemental benefits. The action settled for $85 million dollars plus injunctive relief designed to prevent the alleged violations from occurring again. After the settlement received Finally Approval a law firm that entered the case one-month prior to the execution of the Settlement Agreement purchased an interest in the attorney fees award. (Objector) After the allocation of the attorney fees was arbitrated, the Objector filed an FAA 10 appeal of the Arbitration Award. The District Court rejected that appeal in a lengthy opinion, finding the challenge to be meritless.  The Objector appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. On December 18, 2013, nearly 10 years after the litigation was filed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found the appeal to be meritless and affirmed the District Courts ruling. Robert Bonsignore briefed and argued all appeals. Mr. Bonsignore’s oral argument before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals can be heard at (Carolyn Burton, et al v. Class Counsel and Party to Arb, et al No.  11-17718) This cause has been settled.

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