What Are The Odds My Case Will Settle?

Well over 90 percent of all cases filed never go to trial. This is in large part because Plaintiff lawyers stand to lose the significant sums of money they advance in case costs if the case is lost. The fact is that Plaintiff lawyers face an even greater risk of economic loss on the line because they work without pay until there is a recovery in favor of their client. Because only meritorious cases are advanced, more often than not defendants sooner or later recognize that they are likely to lose in court and become willing to offer a fair settlement.

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers pride themselves on the level of clear and easily grasped communication with their clients. This policy pays off at the crucial point when a decision must be made whether to enter into settlement or negotiations or stand firm and demand your right to a trial by jury. This decision is ultimately our clients, made with the counsel of Bonsignore Trial Lawyers. It is based upon what we learned during the discovery phase regarding the ultimate strength of your case.

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